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Salience Series 1/1 Green Canvas “Peering Eye” Jeans


The base garment is a super unique limited release deadstock jean from Shockoe Atelier; only 24 were made. The distressing/texture on this fabric is unlike anything I’ve seen before. A rare pair of jeans becomes one of a kind.

Slim Fit
Size 31

Waist 15.5”
Rise 9.5”
Thigh 11”
Knee 8”
Leg Opening 7.25”
Inseam 32”

*Please read*

Based on the responses I’ve gotten to this pair of jeans, I decided to try something new and run it as an auction. This actually falls in line with the series theme (Salience); bids serving as the externally perceived importance of this piece.

Second Price Sealed Bid (Vickrey) Auction

1) Starting price is $130
2) Bidders submit their highest bid by Sunday 3/27
3) The highest bidder pays the amount of the second highest bid.
4) I will contact the winning bidder on Monday 3/28

Submit bids via this google form: